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Feb 11, 2010

The [Shas] Empire Strikes Back

Shas is not giving up so easily in the crazy Yated fight.

After Yated's continued attack against Shas, Shas is fighting back. They have declared a cherem against the Yated, saying advertisers should not advertise with the Yated, saying whoever advertises with the Yated is taking part in raising his hand against Rav Ovadiah.

Their plan is to have Rav Ovadiah call different businessmen and ask them personally to no longer advertise in the Yated. They assume that nobody will reject a personal request from the Rav.

The funniest part is that they say so many people are upset about what the Yated has done that they want to print out bumper stickers that scoff at the Yated and ashkenazy haredi community saying "I did not read the Yated 40 days in a row and saw salvation". (source: Ynet)


  1. Quick - get me a bumper sticker!

  2. I put the Yated in Cherem years ago. I knew the Gedolim would back me eventually.



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