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Feb 24, 2010

Diamond heist staged according to script of movie

I saw this story last night on Twitter, and it is crazy stories like these that make Twitter worth it (aside from the great conversation, of course).

The NY Post reported yesterday that 2 people were arrested for their part in a staged diamond heist in 2008.

These two guys, their names sound Indian to me, posed as Hassidic diamond merchants to get into the building. They then went up and staged a heist following a script out of a movie (Snatch) that was about a diamond heist.

It turns out that the whole thing was a sham, the owners had already cleared out the safe, and had hired these guys to stage the heist so they could make an insurance claim.


  1. Read the article more carefully. The two guys named in it are the owners of the business, not the guys who posed as the robbers.

  2. even stranger! thanks for the correction - I didnt catch that. they dressed up and robbed their own place! Wow

  3. Actaully, they cleared out the vault, and then hired people to dress up as hassidim and pretend to rob them to make an insurance claim.

  4. tough day, rafi?

  5. Wonder if the would-be robbers had the same conversation in the elevator on the way up as in the movie...


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