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Feb 11, 2010

Haredi website with a hechsher opens

So here is what it was all about.

The first Haredi website to receive a hechsher to operate is now online. The site was formerly known as "Etrog" and shut down when the whole brouhaha of the internet and haredi website ban was publicized.

Now they are back, with a new name and with a hecsher from the committee for pure communication (or whatever they call themselves today), along with a letter for them to present to advertisers saying they can advertise with them as they are authorized by the rabbonim.

The website is now called "Tog", and they have renewed activity yesterday, with an article about how they are doing the "shlichus" of the rabbonim, just as they were previously under the name Atrog, and just as they were when they closed the site.

Did I forget to mention that "Tog" is owned by Yated Ne'eman? All the other sites are assur, and only theirs is muttar.


  1. The original ban was a total ban on the Internet, regardless of which site.
    This is a big kula. It means that it is muttar to go on the Net

  2. From what I remember, there was also a separate ban specifically regaurding Chareidi websites

  3. As Deep Throat said to Bob Woodward:

    "Follow the money."

  4. It's been blatantly obvious from the get-go that this is what the end result would be.
    It's almost as if, cv's, of course, they watched that Simpsons episode where Sideshow Bob forced all the TV stations off the air, but Krusty hijacked the Emergency Warning transmitter so that he was the only person on TV, 24 hrs a day, on all channels.

  5. ok so now I can commit to an internet contract for 70-plus shekel a month so I can look at one web site....

    does different pages on the same site count as surfing?

  6. "Money, money, money . . ."

    It's no wonder that one kid after the other is going off the derech with all this hypocrisy and greed around.

    BTW - Did the Rabbanim surf the internet themselves to check it out? I hope they didn't click one time too many . . .


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