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Feb 4, 2010

Overheard from a 6 year old

Overheard from a 6 year old trying to manipulate a 2 year old to share treats from gan with her. This comes after repeated attempts in which the 2 year old refused to share...

6 year old: We'll play a game. You'll be the mommy, I will cry and you'll give me some. Ok?

2 year old: Ok.

  1. she easily manipulated the 2 year old into thinking it was a game.
  2. It only lasted one time, as the 2 year old quickly realized that even though it is a game she is giving away her treats.
  3. The 6 year old revealed her tactics in manipulating her parents (i.e. us). She takes it as a given that this is how it works. This is her normal process.

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