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Feb 15, 2010

Will a Gerrer Hassid be the new director of Bank Leumi? (video)

This is just strange. Bank Leumi is looking for a new Director, as the Attorney General recently invalidated the recent appointment of the new Director.

The bank is accepting applications. A 26 year old Gerrer chassid is taking advantage of a loophole and is applying for the position.

Yosef Mozeson from Bnei Brak bought himself a couple of shares in the bank in order to meet the requirements to apply for the job. he says he is qualified for the position as he knows "Mishpat Ivri" from his Torah learning, he knows finance from buying stocks on the market, he has run a website (which closed during the Internet ban) and works currently as a journalist for a haredi paper, and he is clean from any police record.

I wish him luck. He says he is seriously running for the position and is arranging meetings with major shareholders to drum up support.

Here is an interview with Mozeson:

מוזסון from bhol on Vimeo.


  1. If (when?) he doesn't get the position, I'll bet it will be used as an example of discrimination against hareidim.

  2. Barrur yoni! Gee, I work for a finance website and i've had a bank account since I was twelve. Does that mean I also qualify?

  3. of course not, Abbi. You need to also own at least one share of stock in Bank Leumi to qualify.

  4. D'oh, I knew there was some reason why I wouldn't be qualified to run Bank Leumi. Aside from the fact that I wouldn't want to go through the headache of switching from Bank Mizrachi. :)


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