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Feb 23, 2010

The Godfather, Bet Shemesh style

Ynet is reporting that people have been sending threatening letters to the mayors office, with bullets included.

The letter, signed by "The Secular Lobby" threatens his life and the lives of his family members saying "this is a war, we will take your life and your families lives, we will make a "big boom" for the religious. we have a lot of power and fire."

Some people are losing their heads and taking this way too far. Nothing about approval of new construction justifies a threat on anybody's life. Buy apartments instead of threatening the mayor. Buy apartments instead of complaining.

Realize when it is time to move on. You fought the battle. You lost. Move on.

Update: According to this article on Kikar Shabbos, the threats are connected with the fight over the RBS school building under dispute, not the construction. Mayor Abutbol blames Yair Lapid, who hosted a show recently on the topic of the dispute over the building.


  1. This is just a ploy by UTJ to win sympathy.

  2. Why does every little decision have to paralyze the entire city.

    The rule is that all of the Iriyah schools have to open Kita Aleph registration at the same time. Nobody can register their kids until a decision is made on the school situation. Schools are making informal lists just so they can try to start planning for next year.


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