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Feb 8, 2010

Interesting Posts #140

1. Rabbi Fink comments on one of the Superbowl ads...

2. Hubscubs says everything he needs to know he learned in the Talmud..

3. LoZ is comparing guns

4. Yachdus comments on charedi marketing online

5. Should kollel have term limits?


  1. Rafi:

    Thanks for the link.

    I wrote that post nearly two weeks ago. The ad was nothing like what it was reported to be. I retracted and apologized for assuming the ad would be what it was not.



  2. oops. I linked to the wrong one. I meant to link to the new post on the subject

  3. rafi,

    thanks for the HT for my post.

    regarding kollel guy's post, why doesn't he provide any answers?

  4. Hubs - I dont know. I was going to comment there, but he requires you to register and log in. I wasnt interested in all that. Leaving my name and email address is fine, but I dont like having to register for sites that I am not receiving anything from...


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