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Feb 21, 2010


There will be only one post today. When you see it, shortly, you will understand why.


  1. ok
    but why the announcement?
    Just write one post and ze-hu

  2. so people wont feel the need to keep checking back for new posts. I generally schedule posts for around certain regular times during the day. So if someone checks at 1PM for new posts and then again at 4 pm, he should know that today he doesnt need to, unless he wants to see comments on that one post.

  3. to the anonymous commenter who has brought up the issue of an alleged abuser in the shul - I need you to contact me offline (you can use a fake email address, I dont care).

    I personally asked around to find out what you are talking about, and before I post anything I need you to contact me offline. I dont want anybody to get hurt unnecessarily in the process but you keep bringing this up.


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