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Feb 10, 2010

yated names names

After a brief respite that was used to attack Shas for joining the World Zionist Organization, the Yated Neeman is back on the fight against Haredi internet sites (though they also take the time to scream at Shas some more).

In this weeks chinamon edition, Yated writes about how the haredi Internet sites are on their last legs, feeling the crunch as advertisers refuse to advertise on their sites.

What I find interesting about this weeks edition of their stupidity is that they finally name names. While it was previously left vague and just as a general fight against the Internet and Haredi sites, now they listed Kikar Shabbos, Bechadrei Haredim, Ladaat and they even mention that Haredim shut their main site but is still operating a site for not-kosher mobile phones. As an aside, I wrote about Haredim website and their WAP portal back in December - maybe the Yated reads this blog.

Rav Shteinman has refused to participate in this fight saying that it causes more damage than good. His logic is that anybody who did not know about the internet and haredi sites until now are suddenly being exposed and made curious about them. Until now, the Yated left everything ambiguous, but now that they mention names, readers will be curious and look up Bechadrei, Kikar, Haredim and Ladaat, curious as to what they are - perhaps some blame can be placed at the feet of the Yated for the next wave of Off The Derech children, for their part in making these kids curious about what haredi websites are....


  1. What are they hoping to gain exactly? They know that they are doomed to defeat over the internet, so it seems totally illogical. They should be spending their time giving mussar shmoozes about "Tselem Elokim" etc., and fighting the yetzer hara, so that people will think twice about tasting "forbidden fruits" rather than using their approach of "ossur, ossur"

  2. the yated should remember that once upon a time newspapers were also "assur".

  3. cute Rafi - now that Yated told everyone the names of the kosher sites online, they'll stop their browsing of secular sites to find those charedi ones. now that it's public.


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