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Feb 25, 2010

I hope this ban becomes more widespread

The newest ban is a ban on fish. Those common fish - salmon, halibut and flounder. It seems they have worms in them, and while the gemara allows such fish and their worms to be eaten, some say these worms are different worms than those the gemara allows and therefore they cannot be eaten. Supposedly Rabbis Kanievsky and Elyashiv supporting banning the affected fish. The ban is being pushed by a Rabbi Karp.

It seems to me this whole thing is a "Purim/Adar joke" of cynical use of a ban for personal gain, and Rabbi Karp is only trying to ban salmon and halibut because of competition. The more popular salmon becomes, the less popular carp becomes.

Anyway, I hate fish - everything about fish. The smell, the taste, the braininess associated with eating lots of fish. I support this ban becoming more widespread and banning even more fish - pretty much any fish that swim in the same body of water is these affected fish should also be banned on the off-chance that they too might eventually become infested.
And the next fish to be banned will definitely be Karp.


  1. I can't figure out why charedim haven't banned fish on Shabbat because it causes you to do borrer

  2. Why hasn't he banned carp?

  3. Rabbi Karp?
    This reminds me of the billboard with the cows holding up a sign that says "eat more chikin"(sic).

    Maybe there not the same worms the gemara was talking about?
    Maybe these aren't the same Rabbis that the gemara was talking about when it said that we should listen to them?

  4. The article you linked to also has a quote from Rabbi Sholom Fishbane.

  5. Abbi, consult your LOR, but separating b'derech achila is generally not considered borer.

    Rafi, I'm sure you have more important things to do being erev Purim and all. You must have put this up just for the halibut.

  6. Abbi - Isnt that why God created gefilte fish?

    Wanna - cute

  7. Josh - yes, but I know Rabbi Fishbane. We went to yeshiva together (he was a bit older than me - still is I assume). I would not take his name in bane.

  8. Wanna- are you suggesting that rabbanim hand over the responsibility of eating fish properly to average Torah observant Jews? How very modern of you.

  9. Rafi -

    Does the fact that we, the general public, can no longer differentiate between Purim shtick and actual paskans from Gedolim, say something about us or about them?

    Kol tuv

  10. I guess, Rafi, that if my surname were Karp I would be heavy on salmon and halibut too.

    On the other hand, if there are worms indeed, I prefer to skip the above named too. Without any religious scruples ;-)

  11. i fear an attempt to get him to change his mind would flounder, but it should be tried, just for the halibut.

  12. This is toooo funny for words.
    Rabbi Karp
    Rabbi Fishbane
    Where's Rabbi Salmon?

  13. if I didnt know Rabbi Fishbane personally I would have thought it was a Purim joke


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