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Feb 28, 2010

Initial Purim Observations

1. I am quite surprised by how much fireworks are being set off by kids. I thought we were way beyond that after the successful anti-fireworks campaigns of previous years.

I remember the firecrackers decreasing each year as awareness to the dangers was hammered into the kids heads, and the tolerance policies of the shuls and schools in the area plummeted to zero.

I don't know what changed, but I don't remember so many firecrackers of different types, as were set off tonight, being set off by so many kids on Purim night in a very long time.

It was definitely surprising, and I have no idea what changed that it became so hefker again in that regard.

2. Boys from many yeshivas head out to communities outside of Jerusalem to take advantage of the extra day of partying provided. Bet Shemesh is a prime target, though I dont know if it is unique to Bet Shemesh or not, because of the proximity to Jerusalem.

Some come collecting money for their yeshivas or for other organizations. Some come just to party.

Most of the yeshiva guys are decent. Some are not. It was really disgusting seeing a few of these guys getting completely drunk, especially at a time where there is no obligation - these boys likely don't have any obligation on this day of Purim, and even if they did because they chose to spend the whole Purim here including sleeping overnight, there is no mitzvah to get drunk at night - only by day (if at all).

I have seen plenty of drunken guys over the years, so it is not unusual. I have also seen some guys get drunk in the spirit of Purim, and then there are some guys who just get drunk using Purim as an excuse.

Seeing these few guys roaming around the neighborhood getting drunk using Purim as an excuse, being wild and ruining other people's parties with their wild drunkenness, is not pleasant. I am surprised the yeshivas let them get so out of control. Perhaps the yeshivas consider - drunk boys in a religious neighborhood or drunk boys in downtown Jerusalem? and they probably much prefer the drunk boys hanging out in a religious neighborhood. However the bad name they leave behind them, and the horrible appearance they leave and the bad taste they leave around them - it might be worth reconsidering. Maybe the yeshivas should have their own parties and keep their own drunk boys under their own watchful supervision - I don't know, but those boys need to be kept on a leash.


  1. Are the drunk Yeshiva boys mostly English speakers or Hebrew or Yiddish speakers?


  2. so far the drunk ones have been english speakers

  3. Maybe they were locals

  4. Add to it Vandalism this year...they ripped off my drivers side rear view mirror....gone..nowhere to be found..about 2,000 NIS to replace...my neighbors was dangling by a wire as well...we live on refaim near corner of raziel and these kids were hanging out in the park until the wee hours of the morning....once they cross the line of property damage it makes things a lot sadder..hashem yiracheim...

    if anyone knows who did it (I know long shot) please contact me at 052 668 3324. I would gladly accept an anonymous check to pay for the damages...helping these kids is unfortunately beyond my scope.


  5. first you have to identify what yeshiva they're from. the boys and yeshivos are probably well aware no one knows

    so you ask the drunk boy that you want to give a donation to his yeshiva and what's the name. then you call the yeshiva the next day - make it someone who sounds like a real stickler, and ask for repayment of the cleaning bill when they jumped into the drinks and broke 3 bottles..... threw up and missed... etc

    any shul that is consistent in getting these guys will do away with this problem at least for themselves after about 2 years ("boys we know some of you might be visiting other towns, please keep in mind anyone who damages Beis Tefilla in Bet Shemesh will be getting a bill....")

  6. "if anyone knows who did it (I know long shot) please contact me at 052 668 3324. I would gladly accept an anonymous check to pay for the damages...helping these kids is unfortunately beyond my scope."

    I thought that was hakshiva's job. Perhaps they should have spent more time in the streets on Purim and less time trying to raise money in the shuls

  7. I agree with the last posting. Many of the real drunks were local kids. The few groups from Jerusalem ( less because of the rain) were really quite well behaved this year. There was disruption and vandalism until at least 2am Purim night from locals. There was also too much alcohol available in (nameless) shuls being offered freely to kids who were underaged. If the adults running these parties couldn't control the drinking going on there, then they only had themselves to blame. Were there enough sober adults in BT to keep an eye on who was causing trouble? It seemed like this shul was the epicenter of the hooliganism. What a surprise.

  8. The drunks I saw were from out of town. I dont know which yeshiva. Maybe local kids were drunks too, I dont know.
    BT had a big party, of which I only made it to for the last few minutes, but I have no idea if that was the episwenter of hooliganism. I saw no alcohol on the tables when I was there. If people brought some with them or were drinking in other places (usually the problem - they drink in homes they stop off in) that has nothing to do with BT, just they went their to finish their partying.

  9. The last 2 Anon comments were really idiotic.

    1) It's Hakshiva's JOB??? Suddenly it becomes their obligation to police the streets? It just so happens they did run alcohol-free programming on Purim to combat this very problem. But they can't force kids to join and just because they didn't succeed in getting every kid doesn't mean they didn't do their JOB. Maybe you should familiarize yourself with what they do before you criticize what they don't do.

    2) I love how you begin by saying "nameless shuls" and then hold every adult at BT responsible for everything.

    So let's see, so far the ones responsible for the vandalism on Purim are not the kids themselves, their parents or the police. It's Hakshiva and BT for not sending anyone to the corner of Refaim and Raziel to make sure no rear-view mirrors would be ripped off. Yes, I understand.

    By the way, there was no alcohol served under the auspices of BT. Hmm, I wonder how else underage kids could have had access to it? After all, it's so strictly enforced by the stores and no adult would dare be so dastardly to buy it for some kid waiting outside the store.

    All right guys, who else do you have in your cross-hairs? Maybe you'd like to blame Belev Echad for chilul Shabbos, or Tomchei Shabbos for poverty?

  10. so now Hakshiva is not allowed to fundraise, but it is their job to keep the kids off the street? How do they pay for the programs they HAVE to be running for these kids if they are not allowed to fundraise?

  11. Do You Know Where Your Children Are?March 02, 2010 2:02 AM

    I don't think anon meant that it's Hakshiva's "job", but they do receive alot of money from the community and from the city as well (according to the papers) so it would be in their best interests to have a few people "on the street" just as they had a few people in the shuls.

    Don't forget Rafi...you daven at BT where only Lema'an Achai has been banned. Hakshiva can still operate there.


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