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Feb 16, 2010

Interesting Posts #145

1. Tzedek-Tzedek discusses the latest scandal of abuse, with Rav Motti Elon as the accused. Jameel also comments on the situation.

2. Our BS, eh? had a vnahafachu shacharis in honor of Adar.

3. Yaak points some Hurva news

4. Yeshiva Guy describes life in a dira...

5. Rabbi Enkin on family or individual mishloach manot.

6. The troubling case of Martin Grossman's upcoming execution has been discussed by many blogs. I will just point out Yeranen Yaakov's plea that he should be spared, and Eli Pongo's explanation why he doesn't support a stay of execution. And for one more, HaMavdil discusses the question what acronym should be added to Grossman's name if the execution goes as scheduled. And Yachdus gives credit for the level of areivus clearly felt in the Jewish community, no matter what you think of the specific case.

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