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Feb 25, 2010

The curse of Purim rises again

After the amazingly warm and beautiful weather we have been having over the past two weeks, starting today the forecast is expecting the next four days to be cool and rainy weather.

I don't know if the curse of Purim is true or not, but it sure feels like it. Year after year, no matter what the weather is leading up to Purim, Purim time is always cooler and rainier.


  1. The weather of Purim was beautiful last year! My kids spent all day WALKING around the city to deliver mishloach manot! When the weather is bad, we drive them.

  2. The curse upon th Jewish people this Purim season is: Tropper, Spinka, and Balkany.

  3. I remember lots of *hot* Purims, in Jerusalem.

  4. (Rafi not G)
    While anecdotally, it does appear that there are a lot of unexpected rainy days that fall davka on Purim, I think that you will find that the incidence of rain on Purim is not above average. I once read of a statistical study that was made of this that showed that the curse does not appear to be very effective.

  5. You probably are confusing it with the "Curse of Chanuka" that because of some "curse" that happened sometime during the secong temple period, Chanuka alwasy falls out during cold winter weather.
    also, don't forget about the "Curse of Tisha B'av" that no matter when it falls out it always is a hot summer day.

  6. It is really the bracha of Purim, to minimize the amount of firecrackers and cigarettes that cause fire. Those evils (along with paralytic drunkenness) are the curses of Purim!

  7. It will be nothing compared to what they are expecting in NY and tri-state area for Purim!

  8. the curse is for jerusalem and it is supposed to be nice on monday

  9. I have a new posting about the modern orthodox launching and winning the war against chumras. Yep, satire. It gets triggered by a ban on lox and sushi.

    Check out:


    Have a freylich Purim.


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