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Feb 24, 2010

A foreign policy with backbone

After the way Turkey reacted, rightfully so, to the insult Danny Ayalon caused to them in the high-low chair arrangement fiasco, and Israel came back apologizing a couple of times, I am embarrassed reading the following story.
Israel is turning a blind eye to a huge poster showing President Shimon Peres seemingly bowing to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan that was unfurled from a crane in an Istanbul suburb on Sunday.

Neither the President’s Residence nor the Foreign Minister would comment on the poster, which superimposed an image of a bowing Peres in front of Erdogan, over the caption “Erdogan, a leader whom the world bows down to.”
In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais that was published Monday, Erdogan said that the Davos incident – which made him a hero in much of the Arab world – ushered in a new Turkish approach to foreign policy.

“That opened a new approach to foreign relations,” he said. “We have a philosophy of strength. It is a foreign policy with a backbone.”
So after they went home crying about a perceived insult and forced Israel to grovel and apologize, they then turn around and insult us right back - and Israel turns a blind eye.

We take it, because we don't want to rock the boat. We don't want to upset Turkey, as that would hurt our wonderful standing and our wonderful relationship with a great ally.

Meanwhile, Turkey has "a new approach to foreign relations... a foreign policy with backbone". While they develop their backbone on our backs, they are saying jump and we are saying how high.


  1. i asked this earlier in the relevant thread but will try here too - how do you know the neturei karta material is not a purim joke?

  2. Israel has no allies. Who will come to our aid the next time that rockets and missiles fall on us? Turkey has gone Islamic, and will aid Iran and Syria in their next war with Israel.

  3. There is a statement in a prophecy (somewhere) that a far off nation surprisingly comes to Yisroel's aid in a time of danger...Maybe the Japanese (fierce fighters), or the Bani Israel Pashtuns, if they can organize their tribes under one banner (there are millions of them).

  4. anon,

    go ahead and apologize for nazi jokes all you want. Im sure that the few survivors left will find those jokes hilarious. What a riot, a joke that says zionists jews are worse than nazis. I spit milk up through my nose it was so funny.

  5. On a separate issue:

    Did Morris ever write a response to that previous blog post?

  6. he did not. Right now he is traveling abroad for business. I do not know if he has decided to respond when he returns or not. He will let me know eventually

  7. the way: I did not intend any kind of apology for those posters. I was just asking how Rafi knows they are from NK and not someone's purim shtick. I agree w/ you that if it was purim shtick, it would be in exceptionally bad taste, but it wouldnt reflect NK's mentality if it's someone else's work. b

  8. Whats interesting (at least to me) is that for anyone who read that this came from nk, no one found it unbelievable. If someone went and posted this as having come from ovadiyah yosef or R eliyashav, everyone would be shocked. if you hear its from nk you aren't shocked, just disgusted.

  9. Way, that's not fair. I'm certainly not a supporter of NK, but you can't condemn them for something if they didn't say it.

  10. Wanna: to clarify, Im not condemning them for this issue if they didn't say it. Based on the blog I have no reason to assume they did not. My point was simply that when one's historical behavior is so egregious and disturbing, it is not shocking to accept that the notice came from them.

    When you think of the people you admire and respect, would you accept it if someone said the notice came from them? no. But if someone says that this notice came from nk I am not shocked and have no problem accepting the concept that they did/would do something like this.

  11. I receiived that pashkevil from the Neturei Karta email list. It is put out by the Neturei Karta. Did they mean it seriously or as a "joke"? I dont know. But they put it out

  12. thanks rafi for answering
    second, way, i thought the idea might be "isnt this just the kind of thing they'd do" for ex, i have no idea if rabbi karp banned fish,doesn't that sound like a purim joke? but it sounds like that just happened, and really it's quite sad when real events are like purim jokes, esp bad ones
    anyway i apologize if i implied that were it a purim joke w/ nk, it would be funny - that was not my intention b


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