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Jan 11, 2009

all types getting relief

Lemaan Achai's War Relief Campaign Update

Here's a few snapshots of the Bet Shemesh War Relief Operation.
There's many groups here, including Chasidei Gur from Ashdod, a sephardi Talmud Torah from Kireat Gat, a French group from Ashkelon, Gush Katif Evacuees form Shomrea, an Ulpana from Ashkelon, a Special Ed. mishpachton from Kibbutz Saad, and many many others! Around 1000 in total.
To support this incredible Bet Shemesh-wide project, donate to the Lema'an Achai War Relief Fund: www.israelwar.org
the sole funding arm for this whole project.
This project seems to be Israel's best kept secret - and so it's up to individuals to tell others about it.
People can help by simply getting the word out!

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