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Jan 18, 2009

Will the cease fire hold?

Hamas took advantage of a quiet morning to shoot off a few rockets into Israel.

It was not unexpected. they need to make it look like we did not decimate them, and even that they chased us out of Gaza and they still are fighting us off.

I don't even have a problem with giving them an amnesty on this morning's rockets. Give them the day to shoot rockets, and let the world see that we really have committed to a ceasefire. Then if they shoot any more rockets tonight or tomorrow, we hit them back hard.

If they continue shooting at us, we cannot show restraint like we showed until this operation. Now that we have hit them, we have to hit them hard regularly for any rocket attacks on us.


  1. "I don't even have a problem with giving them an amnesty on this morning's rockets."

    I have a big problem with that. It must be made clear that we have whipped them good and proper and that they won't even dare to lift up their heads again.

  2. right, but if we whip them right away, there is no appearance of a cease fire. Once the cease fire has been announced, we should at least let it look, for a bit, like we are giving it a chance. Otherise there was no point in the declaration to start with.

    I think it should not have been declared. But once it has been, it makes sense to give them a few hours off.

  3. I agree with Shimon A. We announced a cease fire and we even stopped firing and the whole world acknowledged it. Now every little infraction even just shooting bullets and certainly missles or mortars must be answered hard handedly with a full bombardment of them. You don't give bullies any amnesty, you beat them until they run away with their tail between their legs.


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