Jan 25, 2009

Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama

Just how powerful and influential is Rahm Emanuel?

The NY Times thinks he is extremely powerful, with Barack Obama's complete confidence. The NY Times even calls him "arguably the second most powerful man in the country and, just a few days into his tenure, already one of the highest-profile chiefs of staff in recent memory."


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  2. Insurance is changing as we know it due to obama. Since then the rates have drastically changed. All leading companies have changed lots of policies. When was the last time you researched insurance rates? You'd be surprised what recently changed!!!


  3. Insurance going up or down?

  4. You need to loook at Obama's Middle-East and international advisors to get an idea of Israel's place in his priorities.

    His advisors are mainly pro Arab.

    Members of Obama's campaign are already in Israel advising Livni.

    Netenyahu will need to be very good and very rich to win.

    Remember the Isreli Arabs. If one million vote Livni will be elected.


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