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Jan 29, 2009

A charlatan or the real thing?

Is Oren Zarif a charlatan or the real thing?

I have no idea, but he definitely provides for interesting reading!

Oren Zarif if an energy healer. He uses some sort of psychokinesis via the subconscious level, whatever the heck that means. He has made a name for himself in Israel, and gets himself a lot of publicity, and takes out big ads in all the popular newspapers and magazines.

Two stories came out this week with Oren Zarif.

The first case with Zarif: Yitzchak Teshuva's company discovered natural gas off the coast of Haifa in recent weeks. This find was a windfall. Especially for Teshuva who's business has been going through tough times recently. This find is big.

Oren Zarif has threatened to sue Teshuva, unless Teshuva pays him 17.5 million dollars. What for? He has invested great energy and effort in directing positive influences to Teshuva's success for many years and specifically to this find. Zarif says he should really be charging Teshuva upwards of $70 million, but he feels very connected to Teshuva. If he has been directing his energies to Teshuva's success, unsolicited, for so long, why was Teshuva havign a bad couple of years in business recently? Zarif says he took some time off from Teshuva's needs because he was "too busy with other things" - as soon as he took that time off from Teshuva, Teshuva's business started to fail.
Now he has seen teshuva's business going bad, so he decided he had to get back to teshuva's needs and direct his efforts for teshuva again, and lo and behold Teshuva right away discovered the natural gas.

Teshuva claims to not know Zarif, to never have met him and not know what Zarif wants from him other than to take advantage of him.

The second case with Zarif: Zarif sent a letter to the Ministry of Infrastructure offering his services to help fill the Kineret with rain water, in just one months time, to overflowing levels - he offers to fill it to 2 meters above the red line. His only condition is that they stop all weather broadcasts for the period of the month in which he will be doing his work.

He published the letter he sent on his blog..

Now, I have no problem believing in energy healing and all that stuff. There are people who know how to do that stuff, and maybe Zarif is one of them with special abilities in that field.

But after stories like this, I just have to wonder - is he a charlatan or for real?

Let's say he sues Teshuva - how is he going to prove it was his energy work that made Teshuva successful? How is he even going to prove he did anything - whether it worked or not, aside from the fact that he did it unsolicited?

About the weather, I would have no problem with them taking down all the weather broadcasts for a month. The weather people never get it right anyway. So even if Zarif is a joke and it does not work, nothing was lost by not having the weatherman telling us to wear raincoats and carry umbrellas on what turns out to be sunny days...


  1. This is from a previous topic which is now buried under the avalanche of new stuffs.

    YOu win. I was not aware of Liebermanns previous statements.

    Fuhgedabout it.

    But this leaves a real conundrum.

    I really do not think tough talking Bibi will be able to stand up to heightened US pressure.

    OTOH, what can Ichud leumi with max 5-6 votes in a dream scenario - do already. Most likely they will be in opposition. I would vote to prop them up for an election down the line but the next cadence is crucial NOW. Direct PM voting would be nice now.

    Oh well. I guess Booby is the best of the evils.

    The RIbbono Shel Olam is showing us big time that we have no hope but to turn to Him.

  2. maybe next week I'll create an open post that will stay at the top and allow people to discuss topics, politics or whatever, that is not necessarily relevant to any specific post...

  3. Is this guy connected to the grean leaf party?
    can't he focus his positive energy towards himself so he can make millions on his own and not have to rely on outside companies?

    I think the best compromise solution for these 2 stories is to make a deal with him that if he in-fact does fill the kinneret in a month, then all of Israel can chip in to pay him his $18MM, i know I wouldn't mind chipping in.

  4. If there is a real "energy healer", he could pick up an easy one million dollars by winning the Randi Challenge. Zarif should either apply (he can use the million to further his lawsuit against Teshuva) or find an honest way to earn a living. Same goes for all the other people who know how to do that stuff.


  5. Because I like you I'll be gentle: Your beliefs are laughably delusional. Oh, whether I get to laugh or not is wholly dependent upon whether there's more of my tribe around or more of yours but, regardless of the count, the truth is on my side and there's no excusable reason for you to still believe in the sort of nonsense that you say you do.

  6. How can he NOT be a charlatan?

    Why would he need Israel to stop broadcasting weather reports?

    Is he going to sell short stocks for umbrellas?

  7. 'Now, I have no problem believing in energy healing and all that stuff. There are people who know how to do that stuff, and maybe Zarif is one of them with special abilities in that field.'

    no, there aren't, and no, he isn't.

  8. Oren Zarif's claims to heal cancer with psychokinesis are baseless and deceptive.The BOSMAT tube that he recommends to keep under the pillow and that will cure CANCER at any stage is nothing but a SCAM to rob terminally ill patients , This exploitation of vulnerable individuals facing serious health challenges is shameful. The Israeli govt needs to shut him down.The reason we don't see negative reviews of him is because his terminally ill patients cannot survive.


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