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Jan 18, 2009

Now a Hamas based cease fire

Hamas made the right move announcing a cease fire from their side as well. Especially after they took advantage of a few hours to shoot rockets at us with practically no concern of our responding.

By announcing cease fire, the force us to leave Gaza, making any future action more difficult. I think they will probably keep quiet this week. By Sunday we will pull out, as per the announcements. By Tuesday there will be more rocket attacks on Israel. And then it will be starting all over from scratch, which Olmert might not want to do. So, he will run limited, and pointless, operations against Hamas.

Hamas will use this as if they chased Israel out, and then will attack us as if nothing changed and Israel will have a hard time responding. This is a cease fire we announced too early.


  1. We cease, they fire.

    Here's what the ceasefire will most likely result in: 3-6 rockets a day from 'Aza at random targets in Israel.

    Now, the logic from the Israeli side is impeccable. They can now say to the international community: See? They're still firing at us! They're violating the ceasefire! We can go after them again!

    But if logic worked, the Oslo Discord would have been a success. In this case, the international community will say: Over 3-6 rockets a day you're going to start a war? Feh! Suck it up. You can't justify attacking 'Aza when you're not really getting hurt at all.

  2. This post is a bit contradictory to some of your previous posts.

  3. could be. I am a bit crazy today. I would not be surprised if I wake up tomorrow and look at todays posts and think my blog was hijacked. I think I fried my brain on Friday with too much sun, between running and basketball.

  4. This is a replay of the Lebanon War two years ago, except that this time the govt. can't even wave a UN resolution as the war's achievement.
    On the bright side, a lot fewer soldiers were killed.

    The achdut is wonderful and stories of miracles abound. The biggest miracle, that the government would "do the right thing", did not occur. They never indended to win, just gain votes.
    One can only hope that this will not work and the Israeli public won't be misled by Rafi ;-) or by the media.

    As the saying goes: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

    May all the soldiers who wore tzitzit bring rachmanout that we'll be zochei to have leaders that wear them (with techelet of course).

    P.S. On a related note, I wonder why it seems that the home front is handling this war so much better? Are the people in the south more traditional or have faith to help them through this? Is it because the IDF seems to be doing well? Sounds like material for a research grant.

  5. What this means is that Hamas will decide the result of the election. If they decide to shoot rockets before the election, the right wing will get a big boost (remember 1996).


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