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Jan 28, 2009

You have an opportunity to donate to the family of the Burqa Lady

Remember the Burqa Lady? In the Hebrew media known as "Eishet ha'Taliban"?

She has been in the court system for a long time, and there has been very little info on the progress of her case.

Today, her son in law was seen in the shtieblach in Yerushalayim collecting money on her behalf, ostensibly for the needs of the family because the mother who brought in the parnassah in the family has pretty much gone out of her mind and no longer can support them... the question is if your donation is going to buy food and pay the electricity bill, or is it going to be used to pay for her lawyers....

From the letters below, from the Tzedaka fund opened on her behalf, you can see just how easy it is to get signatures from the gedolim for these things. Either they are forged, which I doubt (but could be), or he just told them he is ocllecting for a woman who can't support her family, with a sob story attached, and did not say who she is, and they simply signed on it.

Some of the minor details in the tzedaka flyer are incorrect. They probably made some minor changes to try to hide her identity...


  1. maybe I missed it, but how can you tell that this is for that woman?

  2. Ok, I'm trying to not be too much of a cynic, however, they throw around these flyers when the husband dies, b/c he was supporting the family (even though they seem always to be for a talmid chuchum muflag - who I would guess their wife was working to support this t"c?). But now in this case where the wife - the breadwinner - is out of action, they also take up a collection?!

    They seem to want it both ways. Why don't they just take up a collection for all the kolleliet whose wives are not capable of, or just don't want to work. What's the difference?

  3. Rafi - I never thought I would ever call you naive - what the heck is the big deal to photocopy sigs which are plastered all over the place onto your particualr cuase....

    I am very disappointed.

    Now I undersatnd how a guy like Booby who already sold us the Bklyn Bridge over Wye and Hebron has guys like you buying it a second time - this time with Barak as Defense Livni as Foriegn etc. etc.

    Vote Yisrael Beiteinu! A true right wing party with a chance to influence things!!!!

  4. I don't really trust Lieberman. I look at him like another Ariel Sharon. He is fine and dandy for a while, then suddenly he will do the complete opposite. How many times has he said he wants to give the Palestinians control over East jerusalem? And then he announces publicly how he is against splitting Jerusalem. One day he will show us all his true colors....

  5. BTW...

    a couple of years ago there was a mysterious death of a woman in Bet. There were suspicions about her husband and of course...the Charedim rioted.

    Shortly after, the rabbonim and Kupot Tzedaka of Bet gathered together to make a keren for her family. Several prominent rabbis from RBSA joined.They wanted to raise about 100K (dollars).

    Heading this campaign was RSZ Eidensohn of KST.

    From what I heard the real purpose was to raise money for the husband's legal defense.

    Could that be what's happening here?

  6. is this assosiated with vaad harabanim?

  7. anon - good point. it does not say so. It does not say anything about who is behind it. Basically if you give them money, you are giving money to an anonymous person who says he is collecting charity for an anonymous person. You are mailing it to a PO box, with a 1-800 number, and basically have no idea who is behind it.

    the one reference with a name is "The committee for saving families in distress" on the horaat keva form.

  8. Judging by the poster, the houses in Beit Shemesh (or RBS) are really run down!

  9. Is that the same kids who was tied to a tree?


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