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Jan 21, 2009

Calling out the cops. Finally.


Something seems backwards here.

Recently some right wing activists, along with Baruch Marzel and Itamar Be-Gvir, wanted to have a march by Umm El-Fahm. The police said no because it is too dangerous and provocative. They appealed to the Supreme Court who decided they have the right to hold the march.

At the last minute the police canceled the march claiming security problems.

Since then, the police have pushed off the requests a number of times claiming security problems, then there was the Gaza war which made such a delay understandable..

The police since then have again delayed holding the march. The activists had enough and appealed again to the courts claiming the police are just using delaying tactics and have no intention of following through with the courts decision.

It seems the judge has had enough, because he did something that is very out of charachter for the Israeli judicial system. He actually backed up the right wing activists, and called out the behavior of the police.

Judge Edmund Levy said, "If a group would today request permission to hold a rally for peace, with Israeli flags and PLO flags, and there would be threats from this party or that party, would the police still say to wait until after the elections? It is clear that no matter what date you choose, there will be threats and the whole process will repeat itself. We are talking about a small rally - it is incomprehensible that Israel with a police force and an army can't secure such a rally."

The judge insisted they set a timeframe for a date for holding the rally (no later than..), as soon as possible without delays, and said this cannot remain unresolved.

Maybe some won't find this story as amazing as me, but generally the courts are knocking down the right wing activists requests, and supporting the police. This is totally against the common flow.



  1. I think this is just a case of the courts being alot smarter than the cops.
    To undestate the case, allowing the provocation does not at all harm their left wing agenda.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised not by the report so much but by the wording. He seems to openly admit that there is a strong prejudice in the system against right wingers. I was surprised that a court justice would openly admit this.
    Thanks for posting...

  3. I think it's wrong to generalize about the court system the way you do. This justice, Edmund Levy, has a serious track record of doing what he thinks is right, and not toeing the line set by the liberal elite.

    He was the only supreme court judge to vote against the disengagement. This decision surprises me not at all.

  4. Jeremy, you're right about Edmund Levy (which explains the wording of the decision), but he still needed his fellow judges to vote with him, so it is still very significant.

    Speaking of Levy - does anyone know the history - how was he able to break to the old boys club at the court?


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