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Jan 15, 2009

Headline of the Day (hotd)

09:54 Israelis receive SMS messages apparently from Hamas warning of `surprises` in Gaza (Ch. 10)

If they actually had any big surprise for the Israeli soldiers, they would have no need for the psychological warfare of sending out sms messages to Israeli citizens in Israel. The purpose of the message is simply to demoralize the people, and have them afraid of "what might happen", thus pressuring them to pressure the government to stop the war.

Obviously they have nothing behind the sms.


  1. Did you see pictures of the SMS messages?
    Simply Jews has it:

  2. Maybe there really is a big surprise, and they are using reverse phsycology to make us think there isn't! Did you notice that every report about the SMSs includes a comment that it's a sign of desparation, etc? It's working already!


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