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Jan 14, 2009

Rav Steinman, the general and Arab workers..

2 weeks ago, probably in light of the Gaza War, there was a stabbing incident in the haredi city of Modiin Ilit. An Arab worker, with a permit, decided he had enough and went on a rampage stabbing 4 people.

As a result, the city canceled all permits and said they will not allow entry to any more Palestinian workers. It is too dangerous in the current climate.

That is about to change.

Mishpacha newspaper this past week reported on a conversation held, just days after the stabbing incident, between Rav Steinman and Major General Noam Tivon (and others) who is in charge of security of the region that includes Modiin Ilit.

The meeting was due to the decision to not allow any palestinian workers in. The army is nervous about such a decision. Modiin Ilit is surrounded by many Palestinian villages. The thought is that as long as they have work, they are generally ok. If the work is taken from them, they will begin to get desparate, as they have no way of providing for their families. if that happens, the whole area can become a boiling pot waiting to explode, and the army thinks they will see many more such incidents.

The general set up the meeting, via the mayor of Modiin Ilit, in order to request Rav Steinmans blessing and approval to begin allowing workers back in.

After a lengthy discussion weighing the options including the residents fears and concerns, Rav Steinman suggested they let workers in slowly, in stages. First a small number for a few days, and if everything remains quiet, they can let more in, etc.

The idea was accepted and they decided to base their approval on age. They would first approve permits for older workers - from age 35 and up. Older workers generally have families and are considered more responsible. They would be less willing to risk themselves to make trouble because they have their families to worry about. The younger ones are usually the ones who make the trouble.

The discussion was concluded, the general requested a bracha for the soldiers, and Rav Steinman blessed them with success.

Let's hope the decision to let them in does not backfire... In these times, even people who might usually be considered reliable workers are suspect. Tensions are high and Arabs all over, even Israeli Arabs, let alone Palestinian Arabs, are upset and unreliable.


  1. I'm glad to see that the army is realizing that there are groups of differenct types of people in this country, and some group are more responsive if they are approaced a certain way.

  2. What's the difference between an Israeli Arab and a Palestinian Arab?

  3. you could say there is no difference...

    a pali arab is one that is not a citizen of israel, but lives in the Palestinian territories. an arab israeli is a citizen of Israel, even if he sympathizes with the pali arabs.

  4. Hypothetically, could a Palestinian Arab become a citizen of Israel, if he so chose?

  5. not generally. they used to allow certain humanitarian cases. I am not sure all the rules. There might be some circumstances that they allow, but in general I dont think so

  6. Thanks for this information.

    We hope to mention this soon.

    Your blog roll does say always changing.

    Will we see AI re-added sometime in the future? Is our absence just part of your rotation?

    Thank you.

  7. yu are back in now. did you stop posting for a while?
    once in a while I check a bunch of random blogs to see if a blogger has not posted in a long time I take them out

  8. We paused, but started back up with the Modi'im Elite incident.

    Your taking us down was completely understandable.

    Thanks for putting us back up.


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