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Jan 26, 2009

Why Bibi, Why?

I find it amazing, and baffling, how the more the right-wing grows, the more the Likud grows because of the people's rejection of the left's way and Kadima's lack of a way, Netanyahu does everything he can to push away the Eretz Yisrael loyalist.

Today he talks about how there will be no new settlements. Is he looking to chase away all his right-wing voters?

Sometimes I just don't understand Bibi.

Right now he is being supported as the lesser of the evils, but it is such a shame, as he has such potential if he would choose to lead those who want to follow him, rather than replace them with people who will never follow him.


  1. B"H

    Netanyahu is not concerned with ideology. He is [what he might call himself] a rationalist.

    I might call him self-centered, like the rest of them.

    He is concerned with his seat, his power. He is gambling that it is better for himself [and for Israel?] to remain dependent on the goyim. Thus his message is that which shouldn't piss them off.

    What Bibi doesn't understand is that there is no pleasing them until were gone {Has weHallilah}.

    The Left wants to please the EU and accomplish the impossible task of garnering peace with Yishmael. The only way to do that, is to be killed or assimilated within them.

    The Right is equally misguided. Yet they want to align themselves with the Esau, the U. S. Christians.

    The Likud even has a plan to bring them here.

    This dependency on goyim is a mistake, we have repeated in our history in every generation.

    When will we finally learn?

  2. The last settlement built was Kiryat Sefer in 1992. Shamir himself stopped building new settlements. Even within the green line, the general policy is to strengthen existing communities rather than build a whole new infrastructure from scratch.. I don't know what you expected from Bibi here. There are other ways to build up Yehuda VShomron, and Halevai those should happen.

  3. I don't expect anything in that regard, and I am not even looking to build settlements all over the place. But the statement is one that looks conciliatory and as if he is giving a branch to the left..
    Don't say anything on the topic, especially if it is irrelevant anyway.

  4. You really don't get it? Tzipeleh has been ranting that people have to vote for her, otherwise the US will dump us. He's pushing away the extreme right to show Obama that he's also a centrist, not a crazy right wing nut.

    He knows everyone's going to vote for him anyway, so why does he really need the right wing?

  5. Likud=Kadima=Avoda

    = not standing up for Israel's interests

    = putting arab lives ahead of Jewish soldiers (and civilian) lives.

    Vote Yisrael Beiteinu


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