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Jan 18, 2009

Cease Fire

I am not against the cease fire announcement.

The IDF probably accomplished most of what it possibly could already. Staying in Gaza now would make our soldiers sitting ducks with very little accomplishment to justify the deaths that would likely come from it.

An additional benefit is that the world pressure on Israel has been increasing, and now we can take the upper hand and show that it is all up to Hamas. If they don't shoot, they will have quiet.

The only missing part is the fact that Gilad Shalit was left behind. That means his fate is going to be determined in negotiations with Hamas, rather than as part of a cease fire arrangement or a military op (which would have happened already last week if it was going to at all, probably). Negotiations with Hamas has already proven to be futile, so that leaves little hope for him anytime in the near future.

So, let's see what happens! Now the parties can get back to campaigning for elections and making political capital out of the war!


  1. The thing about Gilad Shalit is that his release was not one of the stated objectives in the conflict. His release was added as an objective by the public and the press, who, no offense, have no say in what the goals for the offensive were.

    The fact that we did not get Gilad Shalit out is incredibly unfortunate, but it is not a justifiable reason to hold anything up.

    It's entirely possible that they have secured his release, and he is being held until the week before the elections.

  2. funny suggestion. I remember when Ariel Sharon went into his coma, people were suggesting he had died and the announcement was being held up until a week before elections so as to get kadima the sympathy vote....
    maybe they will also announce that a week before these elections... they can use it even more now!

  3. When you win you a war you are entilted to call the shots and if Hamas had enough. We are justified in asking for Shallit we see negogiations with Hamas lead no where with Hamas this is our only chance to get him back.

  4. we have won a number of wars out here in the middle east, and rarely are we given that entitlement... at least not for more than a few days...

    This is really our best chance, and I hope the government is not squandering it...

  5. I have seen too much international media that blamed Israel for breaking the cease-fire when they killed the 6 Pals. in November. All rocket attacks after that date are considered an expected (=justified) response.

    When Hamas forces the IDF to break the cease-fire the world will be ready to condemn Israel for not even holding up to their own decision.

  6. Israel unilaterally declared a ceasefire yesterday. Of course it quickly vanished when Hamas fired five rockets into Israel. Hamas does not want to cease fire unless it is on their therms. They are concerned about looking defeated in the eyes of the Arab world. In truth, they have been defeated from a military standpoint. The vanishing Israeli cease fire


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