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Jan 18, 2009

Headline of the Day (hotd)

It is clear from the timing, being that they discovered the gas reserves on a Sunday, that they were searching in a yeshiva. Those post-shabbos chulent gas reserves should really give our economy a boost. And not just save us money from buying gas from other countries. but now we can export our great natural gas reserves!


  1. I assumed that the headline was directly related to the previous one about Olmert's statement

  2. lol.. that's even better than mine!

  3. bad taste and uncalled for - IMHO.
    This is a pretty historic find especially as being off the coast of Haifa means off the coast of the nachalah of Shevet Menashe who was a son of Yosef (as we all know). Now in the bracha given by Moshe to Shevet of Yosef in V'Zos HaBrahcha you'll see that Yosef was blessed with "MEGED" or sweetness or goodies form dew and lying under the ground "Umitehom rovetzes Tochas". It was based on this Pasuk that a good few years ago there were explortory drillings done in the Shomron in the area of Shevet Efraim looking for Oil but nothing ever turned up (or at least I never heard about anyhting) and now all this gas shows up off the cost of Menashe. That's without tying the find to the fact that it came in between Parhas Veyechi where Efraim and Menashe were blessed to parshas Shemos.

  4. interesting. I did not know that.

    the company exploring for oil was givat olam. I was wondering if they were involved in this discovery...


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