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Jan 7, 2009

Be'er Sheva War Humor

The following sign was spotted on the door of a house in Be'er Sheva. It shows that they still have their sense of humor despite being bombarded with rockets....

It says: In case this house is hit by a rocket...
Security Forces: Stay calm, we are by our parents.
Property Tax Authorities: In the apartment we had a plasma television, a bottle of 1709 Bordeaux wine, a rare antique porcelain statue.
Cable Company: the plasma screen was only a spare (not in use)
Ruthie: If we get hit we will not pay the vaad bayit expense (building maintenance fee)


  1. wonder if that's my cousins house...? :P

  2. Thanks! I had quite a bad day, and now its' ending on a cooler note.


  3. I'm smiling at this...and I just heard that 4 katyushot landed in Nahariya, 2 injured. Fun's over.

  4. Humour in crisis.. i think they call that Dunkirk spirit where I come from.
    Made me smile.


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