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Jan 22, 2009

Don't know for whom to vote?

Thank to JoeSettler, I was able to compare my views, generally, with those of the various parties and see with which party I am most compatible.

This website poses a series of questions, and analyzes your answers to suggest who you should probably vote for...

It did a pretty good job with my answers. It matched me best with the Likud, of which I am a supporter. A close second place was Ichud Leumi, which is probably the next party I would likely vote for if I chose to not vote Likud.....


  1. I just blogged this as well. Have you tried the "Belief-O-Matic" that I mentioned there?

  2. Ok I took the poll and it said I matched well with the national unity party...never heard of it...what is that party?

  3. Likud is smae old same old.

    Bibi already showed us his expertise in being pushed around by the US. With Obama seems will be more powerful AND demanding than CLinton - I would not put in this tough talking but weak spined capitulator. (reciprocity what?!)

    It is time for new blood.

    Ichud haLeumi is only at 3 seats.

    GO with Yisrael Beiteinu ( i am actually 'haredi' - although some would not agree... - and the religion issue is bogus. most criticism they have on the religious is justified and the religious parties should work together with others to resolve the issues meaningfully and not be all or nothingdik. (PS, Moshiach, who we very eagerly wait and pray for - has NOT come yet)

    Beiteinu is poised to be big (recent polls say 16 seats - they have snagged labor) while saying the right things.

    See what Michael Ben-Ari said about the war and his letter to Meretz re the arab parties voting?

    Uzi Landau is the only uncorrupt person in the knesset now that Sharansky is gone.

    These guys are the only vioces of reason in the whole gamut of hackneyed zhlubs.

  4. Is Ichud haLeumi the National Unity Party?

    Sorry I have no grasp of Hebrew - probably a bad thing for someone who is starting the aliyah process. :)

  5. Ichud Leumi is the National Union. It unites 4 different right wing parties and excellent people such as Ketzeleh, Eldad, Ariel, and Bank.

    As for Yisrael Beitenu and Lieberman!! You've got to be kidding!

    Lieberman will sit in any government that gives him a minister position. He'll then do nothing. Influence nothing. Affect nothing. And finally he will leave when it is politically convenient and claim he did it for ideological reasons.

    Exactly like he just did in Ehud Olmert's government.

    Worse he'll claim he actually influenced something, which is total BS, because if he influenced things the way he claims, then why would he be quitting over failing to influence exactly those things.

    If Uzi Landau is the only uncorrupt person in the Knesset, that doesn't say much for his new boss Lieberman and the Yisrael Beitenu party then, does it?

    According to his party platform, this guy is even willing to divide Jerusalem.


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