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Jan 25, 2009

Rav Ovadia on Rachel Imeinu

In the continuing saga of the debate whether the Rachel Imeinu really happened or not, Rav Ovadia Yosef has now weighed in during his weekly shiur. Rav Ovadia says it happend and it was Rachel Imeinu.

The money quote is Rav Ovadia saying, "They all called here there saying she should go save her sons. How Hashem saves His children! He sends angels to save The Jewish people! How we have to praise Hashem!"

(source: Ynet)


  1. So, where are the eyewitnesses?

    When will we be hearing interviews with them?.

    Strange that it would be so difficult to track down even one.

  2. sabra - not sure...

    DS - difficult? who said it is difficult? Do you know anybody who tried?

  3. Rafi G-


    Um, perhaps I was being a bit tongue-in-cheek.

  4. Your right DS you are greater than Rabeinu Ovadia Shlita. You know better, Maybe we should put your comments up on yeshiva world news since everyone is dying to hear it. come to think of it...Maybe torah misinai is'nt either true since you probably did'nt speak to anyone personally who was there!!

  5. I don't come up to Chacham Ovadia's toenails.

    However, your comparison to Har Sinai is flawed.

    1)In the case of Har Sinai, we don't have the opportunity to verify what happened there, as the people who were there are no longer alive.

    Those reported to have seen Rachel Imeinu are young soldiers who B"H would be very much alive today. So, where are they? Why haven't we heard from them, given all the media frenzy here and the obligation to publicize a miracle. Maybe they should even sell their stories to the highest bidder.

    2)The story of Matan Torah is written in the Torah and is part of our messorah.

    The story of Rachel and Gaza is not in the Torah and is not part of a messorah.

    3)This is a question of metzius: Did it happen or did it not. When it comes to establishing metzius, that is done through eidus, not by Rabbinnic fiat.


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