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Jan 29, 2009

Holocaust Survivors with Green leaf?

The other night I happened to see some of the political advertisements for the upcoming elections. Here in Israel you don't just buy ads on TV and run them when you want based on how many ads you can afford. here, they have a certain time slot designated for the ads. the amount of time each party gets to broadcast their ads within that time slot is based on money and size of party. So a big party will get more time and a small party will get just a small amount of time. But you can only advertise, on TV and radio, within the designated slot of time. You can't just run an add at any point during the day.

So I was watching some of the ads. Most were boring presenting nothing new, some tried to frighten you to vote for them, some I could not understand because they were too vague and ambiguous, and some were humorous. The truth is that the small parties usually present the most entertaining ads, as that is how they try to attract the viewers interest and attention.

One of the more unusual ones was from a party called "Holocaust Survivors with Green Leaf". This is not to be confused with the "Green leaf" party (of the now famous Ben-Gurion and the joint ad). It seems there was a split, and Green Leaf people left, joined up with some survivors, and formed a new party called "Holocaust Survivors with Green Leaf". "Green Leaf" is running separately.

Anyways, the ad depicted holocaust survivors in various settings in daily life talking about how they need assistance, I guess referring to financial benefits from the government, though they did not say how they plan to help holocaust survivors. They also flashed a lot of images of arms with the number tattoos.
I did not notice any connection to marijuana and holocaust survivors, except in the name of the party, and when they mentioned legalizing it. Unless they are vaguely saying that holocaust survivors want to smoke marijuana. or maybe they are saying survivors need it for medical reasons so we should legalize it. I am not really sure.

That ad, and that hybrid of a party between two groups that don't seem to naturally fit together, definitely left me scratching my head.


  1. I also don't really know what to say after reading your post. I'm sure there's a joke to be made, just not by me.

  2. yeah, people don't like jokes on this topic.. gotta be careful...


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