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Jan 26, 2009

David Ben-Gurion, Smoking a Joint, and a new Security Policy (video)

In the campaign of Aleh Yarok - the Green Leaf party (those guys who want to legalize marijuana) - they have put out a campaign ad that is the hands down winner of funniest campaign ad so far.

Gil Kopatch sitting by the grave of David Ben-Gurion smoking a joint and talking defense. After offering Ben-Gurion a pull on his joint, he says most of the marijuana is grown and supplied by Hamas. So we are supporting Hamas by buying joints. They take the money and buy kassam rockets which they shoot at us. But if we grow it here, we will no longer support Hamas. What will they do with all the leftover hashish? smoke it. Then they will be calm, and a good Arab is a calm Arab.

That is a security policy I can work with!

What is even better is the response to the ad. Ben-Gurion's grandson was offended. He says Ben-Gurion is a national symbol and treating him like this, offering him a joint, sitting on his grave smoking, is a desecration. Yariv Benn Eliezer, the grandson, says, "This is a proof that people who smoke marijuana are messing up their brains."

The 103 radio station interviewed both Kopatch and Ben Eliezer at the same time and let them have it out with each other. You can hear it here (in Hebrew) - there are a few funny parts, but the best is when Ben Eliezer protests using the image of his grandfather with a joint, and Kopatch responds that he remembers that Ben-Gurion established the first Jewish Joint (a.k.a. The Joint)...

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