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Jan 28, 2009

political billboards?

Everywhere you look, if you are in Israel, you see a politician staring at you, sometimes with a finger pointing at you menacingly. That is what happens leading up to elections.

For a slight break from the politicians staring at you, I took pictures of these two billboards on the way to Tel Aviv, in the style of the politicians...


  1. the lubab one has been there since before Olmert resigned.
    Incidentally, it is the only "picture" billboard still up since they removed all the other ones in hopes of reducing traffic accidents. I guess they figured the rebbe wont cause accidents.

    I cant decide if i like it that its there, or hate the fact that its there.

  2. I am almost never in the car on the way to Tel Aviv, because I take the train. The last 2 weeks, with the train line down, has opened up new vistas in my life!


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