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Jan 25, 2009

The IDF strong man

DoubleTapper is back from his reserve duty in Gaza. He passes on a little military secret.....and has got some great pictures....check out his various posts..


  1. That's a woman? OMG!

  2. A proud Jew -- or someone who gets a charge out of violence?

    Why would you be linking to this?

  3. DoubleTapper is into his guns, but he is a good guy. I know him, and being that he took some time off for reserve duty, I wanted to give his blog a plug

  4. Is this photoshopped?


    That guy looks like and an action figure!

    And the girl is hot!

  5. That guy - action figure is Double Tapper. We have met, and he is even bigger in real life. It makes me wonder how big that soldierette is, considering how small she makes him look!


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