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Jan 20, 2009

Email of the Day (eotd)

Today's "Email of the Day" on the local email list...

From: "w"
Subject: [BS/RBS list] FW: Looking for an unlocked or Orange-locked
cell phone
To: "RBS_List" , "BS_List" ,

I'm a student in Yeshivat Lev HaTorah, and I am looking to purchase or rent
a new or used Orange cell phone. Please contact me if you can help. I can
pay in money or Torah learning. Thank you.
phone: 054-123-4567
e-mail: w@gmail.com

i love the concept of paying 'in Torah learning'. I wonder what would happen if this became an acceptable 'currency' in Israel.
Would supermarkets accept mishnayot in return for a loaf of bread? How many blat of gemara for a chicken?
Would there need to be different levels of learning depending on whether you are a student of the Mir or another institution??
Would you be able to pay your arnona bill in hours learned? The possibilities are endless!

(HatTip: RW)


  1. interesting, never heard this one before

    If the buyer wants something now, they should take the money. But they want somethng later, take the learning :)

  2. People do already pay their arnona in hours learned or at least in hours that they are signed up for learning.

    It would put a new perspective on the saying (translated from Ivrit) "compliments won't buy anything at the grocery store".

  3. Rami Levi would allow you to use Schottenstein to undercut the competition.

  4. Ira - nice of you to finally comment! he might, but only the Hebrew edition, not the English...

    Rafi - good point. But what about those of us who learn (in our spare time) and do not get discounts from arnona????

    LVnsm - never sell on credit in todays economy!

  5. I suppose you could look at it this way. Instead of paying your arnona with Torah learning you're using the credits to pay for your olam haba :-).

    Or maybe it's just the difference between being an hobbyist and a pro.

  6. Is anyone else gettin confused by this double rafi business?

    I adore this email. Feels so "geulah'dik".

  7. even I got confused the first time Rafi commented!

  8. What happens if someone shluggs up the Torah?
    Is he then chayav to pay?

  9. no one pays their arnona in hours learned. there is no discount for avreichim from arnona. the discount is for not having an income. if you were as poor as these avreichim, whose stipend is less than 2000 shekel (if that much these days) - anyone would be just as qualified as they are, even i you never learned or claimed to have learned a day in your life. Get the facts sraight

  10. But with who else is it acceptable to be without income (intentionally) and with a large family?

    Yes, avreichim are learning but who says that every charedi man should be an avreich?

  11. why specifically an orange phone? it can't be for any company? does it have to be a kosher phone?

    "compliments won't buy anything at the grocery store".

    in hebrew please


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