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Jan 22, 2009

Israeli Aggression

This cartoon is extremely accurate. If you look at the tag on the bottom, you will see it is from 1956. Looks like nothing changes.

(HatTip: whats)


  1. hey i got a hattip. cool!

  2. that is sooo good! the only thing I would change to match today's situation is the neighbours on the other side of the wall; they all seem to be other arab nations, now they also need to include Britain, the UN and all other countries (bar perhaps the USA) and the news reporters.

  3. nothing ever changes.

    Sun-Tzu: art of war: 2500 yrs ago , "one man willing to die can terrorize 1000"

    the word terror is a french word first used for the reign of robspierre when he ruled france after the french revolution. he eventually died on the guillotine.

    so why would things change now?


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