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Jan 13, 2009

"Firganti l'Sderot"

I just stopped in by the Sderot Fair near my office.

There was a nice crowd perusing through the merchant stands. There was a wide variety of items to buy, ranging from some packaged baked goods, to clothing, to ceramics, tablecloths, tupperware type containers, scented soaps, jewelry, hi-tech gadgets, flowers and more.

The most interesting stand in the crowd though was the one offering animals for sale. no giraffes or grizzly bears - just birds, rabbits and the like...

People were buying, and it is nice to be able to help them in ways other than charity... even though most people were buying things they have no need for, so it really is a form of charity anyway... but we call that "FEERGOON" in Hebrew. I was "mefargein" the people of Sderot.


  1. did u pik up any tevel maybe?

  2. did you get a new cell phone. your images are better than ones you've posted in the past.

  3. no tevel. the food items were only packaged baked goods...

    whats - I was smart enough to remember to bring my real camera from home for this...

  4. what did you buy? to fargein them?

  5. a cake for my house that I ended up bringing to my shiur, and some small stuff I gave to my daughter.. nothing exciting. no rabbits or tupperware sets that we would have nowhere to put


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