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Jan 21, 2009


Very frustrating. I had to go to the doctor this morning for something.

My appointment was at 10am. I get there a little before the appointment and see he has a full list of appointments. The door to the room is closed.

The rule in the clinic is that if a doctors door is closed, it means he has a patient inside. No knocking, no going in. Nothing.

It is starting to take a long time, and nobody is coming out of the room. I am starting to wonder, but I think that maybe there is a long procedure going on in there. So I wait.

Eventually, I have been there half an hour, still nobody has opened the door to go in or out, which is unusual for such a long amount of time. Also, the amount of time for two appointments has already passed, which is a ridiculously long amount of time for one person to be in there.

So I go to the secretary and ask what the story is. She says the door is closed that means someone is in there. I tell her I have been waiting half an hour, the door has been closed the whole time, and two appointments have passed. She says she'll call the room and check.

Turns out he had nobody in there and was just doing nothing, checking the news on the internet, waiting for his next patient. Why'd he have the door closed? The previous patient must have closed it when he left and he did not notice.

Very frustrating.


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