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Jan 8, 2009

A Green Raffle

(the colors of the ticket came out weird here. I don't know why. The ticket should be red, not blue)

Lemaan Achai is embarking on a special raffle as a fundraiser. Only 1000 tickets maximum will be sold, at the price of $100 (or 400 NIS - i.e. you are better paying in dollars at this exchange rate).
If you buy (or sell) 10 tickets, you get an additional ticket free of charge. If you buy a ticket, let them know you saw this post (heck, maybe I'll even get a free ticket out of it!).

The prizes are:
  1. The Grand Prize of $10,000 in holy cash.
  2. $2500 in holy cash.
  3. $1000 gift certificate to the store "Silver Center".
The drawing will be held at the end of January 2009, and US and Israeli tax deductible receipts are available upon your specification.

Help support Lema'an Achai's amazing programs of Smart Chesed. You can buy your tickets online, and if you do, choose "raffle ticket" on the donation page.


  1. Kol Hakavod Lema'an Achai!

    You're there for the south.
    You were there for the North.
    You were there for Gush Katif.

    Most important you are here for US in RBSA every day!

    It amazes one how you can do some much for so many...

    Keep up the great work!

  2. on your marks....
    get ready....
    get set....
    go .....
    start the bash the kuppa campaign....
    (isnt that what always happens when someone mentinos lemaan achai?)

  3. My my someone here is just a wee bit paranoid.

    Let's just praise Lemaán Achai for what they do and have done and leave it at that!

  4. Bash the kupa?

    Who is bashing here?

    Is praise for Lemaán Achai an automatic bashing of kupa?

    I for one would not bash the kupa which also does good work in our community.

    But my shul and my rav allows posters and appeals for both organizations. There are too many shuls in this community who can't say that.

    I just have a problem with those who bash Lemaán Achai for no other reason than that they are Lemaán Achai.

    (I don't think it's the Kupa who doesn't allow LA posters in certain shuls..just some pathetic individuals who don't know any better.)

  5. Since this is a limited ticket raffle with a more than imaterial purchase cost, the tickets are not tax deductible under IRS rules.

  6. see IRS pub 526 if you don't believe me

  7. Technically not as the price is a suggested donation.

  8. I agree - lets praise LA for the good. Evidentally youre new to this blog, bc whenever there is a post about LA, immediately after comes the LA bashing the kuppa campaign. Dont know why. Dontknow whos behind it. but its usually there. I was making a joke.

  9. Anon of 1:02-

    I am not new to this blog and I have never seen LA bash Kupa here or anywhere else.

    Perhaps there are people who personally support either organization that bash but you are wrong and slanderous to say LA bashes Kupa.

    Shame on you! That is not a funny "joke".

  10. Anon 11:43, nowhere does it say that it is a suggested donation. Even if it did, I highly doubt they would be willing to sell anyone a ticket for anything substantial than the "suggested donation". Can I purchase 500 tickets for a $1?

  11. rescue37

    chill out man...you're pretty wired


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