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Jan 18, 2009

Back to politics

Now that the cease fire is in effect, we can all get back to politicking. Ehud Olmert is the first, even though he is not even running for anything in the current campaign, because of his legal woes.

Olmert praised Bibi Netanyahu for his activity in public relations during the war on behalf of Israel, saying he acted responsibly, and above political considerations.

Olmert then went on to threaten the right wing parties (implied) by saying that anybody who dares to detract from the accomplishments of the war - anybody from israeli politics - who tells Hamas that they were the victors, he will oppose them with all his strength.


  1. I am far from being sympathetic to Olmert but there is a grain of truth to the fact that:
    the perceived outcome of many of our wars is precisely dependent on how we choose to look at it

  2. B"H

    Looks like someone or some people are trying to set up a Likud/Kadima coalition in advance,...as damage control.

    I wonder if Netanyahu will keep NU and and Lieberman out gambling that he won't need them, and will then be able to bow to external pressures to make more concessions.

    The polls seem to indicate that the people do not want Kadima, so hopefully Netanyahu will consider that, instead of just thinking about himself and his future.


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