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Jan 13, 2009

A miluimnik is ripped off

The other day, the newspaper ran an article about a story of a reserve soldier that was called up to fight in Gaza. His apartment sat empty while he was in the army. Sure enough, the paper describes, his apartment is broken into, and the poor reserve soldier is robbed of all his photography equipment and his laptop and anything else valuable he had.

The story is shocking because here is a guy who dropped everything to go serve the country, and the robbers are so insensitive that they break into such a hero's apartment, taking advantage of his patriotism and his belief in serving the country, and rob him blind.

Yesterday I called me cousin to see what is going on and if he had been called up yet for reserve duty. Sure enough he had. We chat for a bit, and how surprised do you think I was when he told me that his apartment had been broken into???

I said, "Oh, I just read a similar story in the paper of a "miluimnik" whose apartment had been broken into..". he said that was him. When he heard from his friend who checked the apartment and found it ransacked, he called his brother who dealt with the police and contacted the newspaper.

He told me he has lost over 30,000 NIS worth of photography equipment and his laptop. And he keeps remembering other things that were in the apartment that he finds out were stolen. The crooks had plenty of time to clean the place out, as the place was empty of human activity from 10pm when his friend last checked the apartment until 11am the next day when his friend came back to check and found it cleared out!


  1. there are always those who prey on opportunity. Here in the states there area multitude of cases where scam artists took advantage of the families of national gaurdsman who were sent to Iraq, thereby leaving family members exposed and unaware.

  2. Really disgusting behavior.... it happens with families who are off to weddings and funerals, too. And we have friends whose Jerusalem apt. was broken into on Yom Kippur.... the burglars understood that no one would be home for hours.

  3. My friend's parents refuse to leave Ashdod because many homes of people who have left have supposedly been broken into.

    מי כעמך ישראל?



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