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Jan 29, 2009

yeshiva boys working or learning

Aren't yeshiva boys supposed to be learning, and not working?

"BeChadrei Haredim" news desk found out about two yeshiva boys who thought of some witty slogans appropriate for Tzipi Livni's campaign. They sent them, with a phone number, to Eyal Arad - her publicity manager.

Arad liked the slogans and called the boys to work for him. They agreed and are now working for the Tzipi Livni campaign.
Arad said that his method is finding unknown talent and getting it to work for him.

The boys said that some of their slogans are already in use on signs and in the broadcasts of Kadima.

Very nice, but aren't they supposed to be in yeshiva learning? isn't that why they get their army service deferred? They said Arad pays well, so they are not doing this as volunteers... True, it did not say what type of yeshiva boys, but from the media source it ended up in, it is highly likely that these are haredi yeshiva boys.

(thanks to Jameel for the heads up..)


  1. They could be high school students. Doesn't make it OK from a bitul torah point of view, but keeps Tzipi out of a potential political mess.

  2. My son has a deferment, and I once asked him about this. He has to be learning a certain number of hours a day/week, but outside of those hours he can take a paying job.

  3. MOI - really? I was not aware of that.


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