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Jan 26, 2009

Quote of the Day (qotd)

"Once it was common to say that a Likudnik is somebody who walks around with a kipa in his pocket. Here we have a group of Likudniks that walk with their kipas on their heads. We should be proud of them. And it is not coincidental, as the differences between the National Religious camp and between the Likud are disappearing."

----------Likud MK Benjamin Netanyahu (upon signing with Effie Eitam a Declaration of Principles agreeing on the merger between Eitams party with the Likud)


  1. I understand from your perspective as a religious likudnik this a good thing. But it is a direct contradiction to what you posted a few hours ago... what do you think about that? Just political jabberwocky, no?

  2. a bit of "jabberwocky".. but the truth is, as I wrote, that netanyahu is the lesser of the evils.

    I believe in the big party, not the small sectoral party. Who should I vote for? National Union? They are a great party, but only have one thing (albeit important) at the forefront of their concerns. They will never effect anythign in government, and they will never get that one thing anyway, because either they will not be in the government, or they will be marginal. Same with any other small party that has one or two issues (even important ones I agree with)...

    I support Likud because it is the best of the large parties, even if I don't like everything that goes on there. No party is perfect. There are certain aspects of Bibi I do not like, but he is the best of the options...


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