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Jan 22, 2009

Kadima Krumbles

Is Kadima starting to fall apart?

The former mayor of Rishon LeTzion, Director of the Kadima Council Meier Nitzan has announced he is not going to vote Kadima, but Likud.

Nitzan says that Livni's inexperience will not allow him to vote Kadima. Netanyahu has a tremendous amount of experience in various levels, and even Ehud Barak has great experience. But Livni has no relevant experience for the prime minister position. Her foreign ministry experience is too light to compare her to them.

Aside from Nitzan, there are reports of Kadima activists in many other places who are abandoning Kadima. Some are switching to vote for other parties, and some are saying they will still vote Kadima, but not work for them actively any longer. They do not like the way Tzippi Livni runs the party, the way Kadima is involved with its people, and are beginning to jump ship.

It is about time they realized there is nothing but opportunism behind the Kadima party.


  1. Let's put things in prespective: He didn't do well in the primary and wants to get even. It doens't matter whether Livni, Marzel, Tibi(LeHAvidil), or the Melech HaMashiach himself was at the helm of Kadima.

  2. that is what Kadima is claiming. Even if true, it shows the party is built on opportunism - as soon as someone does poorly, he abandons the party.

    But if it was just him, maybe they would have a point. but there are reports of activists from all over who are upset and either abandoning, or considering it.

  3. How dare that outdated little man from the Wizzard of Oz,
    Head Munchkin Ehud Barack, refer to the modern and in touch Tzippi Livni, as someone who never held a gun.
    When women are in the army, they carry guns, and Tzippi Livni is no exception.

    Ehud, stop trying to use Livni as a scapegoat for failing to salvage your masculine self respect.

    I suggest you go and seek treatment with a psychiatrist,
    or take Viagra and seek comfort in the bed of a Bimbo with no brains, who will not threaten your fragile ...........


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