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Jan 25, 2009

elections are coming, so are the investigations

I find it amazing that an investigation that has been going on for about 7-8 years against Avigdor Lieberman can be pretty dead in the water, and then suddenly jump to life.

Nothing happens in the open investigation for years. Suddenly, two-three weeks before elections, with Lieberman's star seemingly on the rise, and all of the sudden the police detains 7 of his confidantes as part of the ongoing investigation.

What is the most amazing is how blatant and clear the bias against him is. They don't even try to hide it.


  1. It's really unbelievable how dirty it is. There's no choice but to vote for the אחריות party.

    Think about it.

  2. http://www.achrayut.org.il/

    It's really a reincarnation of the לאו"ר party- I don't know how long you've been here...

    They want to change the system of government, fight corruption, etc.

    Of course, no one has heard of them, because they won't take money from people who will later use it to call in favors from the government (read: everyone who gives money to political parties), so their advertising budget is not much to speak of...

    Personally, I wouldn't be able to stomach a vote for any of Barak, Livni or Bibi for PM, I'm thoroughly disappointed with the Mafdal/Bayit Hayehudi, and I'm not militant enough for the IL. Achrayut is not a religious party, per sey, but the head of the party is a religious, honest guy, and I think that's the way I'm going to go.

  3. Just another reason to vote Beiteinu.

    these goons need to be shwon wen will not tolerate a dictastorship where powerful people using Stalinist and Maoist tendencies stifle democracy.

    THey did it to Kach.

    Now to the newesr threat to there power.

    And besides - Boobi anounced that he is forming a gov't with Avoda/Achora. So a vote for Boobi is a vote for Barak/Livni. They are really all the same it is just a q of who gets the bigger limo.

  4. And of course let us not forget how Boobi so democratically nullified the results the Likud primary that were not satisfactory to him.

    How could anyone vote someone who has no regard for the voice of the people?

    Unless, you are voting for Feiglin through Likud, but that whole strategy is weird for other reasons. It made sense maybe when there was no serious RW party but with Beiteinu posed to capture a hefty chunk - it is time to throw away contingency plans and use the the l'chatchila - Feiglins whole svora of not goign RW is they are still too small and will not capture the leaderhship - at this rate they will get there much faster than he will.

    Achrayut may be cute, but at this point in tim since they have chance whatsoever of getting farshtinkina seat this is a wasted vote that will effect nothing.

    Help them out during the off-season - maybe next time around....

    but now the champoinship is on the line - it is not the time for academic wishful thiniking - the country is actually facing serious issues - life or death and you need someone in there who will take them as such. Not just waste soldiers lives of wars-for-nothing.

  5. Not on topic bu you may want to know what is going on in Europe.
    This information is from Atlasshrugs

    Pro-Israel Rally Gets Smashed by Pali-Supporters in Malmö Sweden.......

    Riots against Jews in London



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