Feb 3, 2010

pass the Kool-Aid!

It must run in the family, or maybe I should say, give me whatever they are drinking!

Bibi and Sarah Netanyahu's son, Avner, has qualified for the national Tanakh quiz that takes place annually on Yom Ha'atzmaut. He follows in the footsteps of his 3 uncles, Sarah's older brothers. Sarah herself had also qualified, but that year, 1973, the chidon was canceled because of the Yom Kippur War.

Today Avner was confirmed the champion of the Jerusalem region of the chidon, guaranteeing him the spot. (source: Mynet)

Either it is genes, or else give me whatever flavor Kool-Aid they drink in their family!


  1. I'm not sure about the Kool-Aid anaology. The common use comes from the Jonestown Massacre, and usually is used to refer to people following something or someone in a cult-like manner. Not sure why Tanach study within a family qualifies.

  2. I did not realize it was limited to crazies. I thought ti could refer to anything that is a common feature among different people. I meant either it is in their genes (to be so talented at learning tanakh), or they are all sharing some common food that improves and enhances ones memory [for tanakh I guess] that is maybe being passed through Kool-Aid.

    I was not calling the Netanyahu clan a cult

  3. It may be neither Kool-Aid nor genetic, maybe the Netanyahu family puts emphasis on learning the Tanach and regards it as an important value.

    Once upon a time studying Tanach was important for all Zionist thinkers, including secular ones.
    Today I doubt whether many leaders in the Secular Zionist World have much proficiency in Tanach.

  4. MS,

    When Bibi was in Washington last year, the press reported that he helped his son with Tanach homework (one of the nevi'im achronim, I think) over the phone in the evening.

  5. It's encouraging somewhat that they still value Tanach as a subject worthy of study. However, there have been many scholars of Torah subjects that enjoy the intellectual stimulation or the historical aspects, but don't recognize it as emes and the very blueprint of our lives or applicable today in any practical way. Sort of like studying 17th century French poetry.

    Marcus Jastrow was an extraordinary Talmudic scholar and many of us owe him a debt of gratitude for his talmudic dictionary which has helped us in our own learning. Not sure he considered it as more than that.

    I'd like to believe the Netanyahus give more chashivus to Tanach than that, and not just as handy information to pepper into speeches.


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