Jan 4, 2009

Al Jazeera and the wrong guy (video)

Al Jazeera picked the wrong guy to interview...

(HatTip: Daf Neighbor)


  1. Oh, I love it!
    Gary Grant for Prime Minister!

  2. that's great! I'm sure they're like "Damn, why didn't anyone tell us this international law expert is a zionist!!!"

  3. territories Zionist massacres in the Palestinian embodiment of the Talmudic doctrine of murder .... That day will come when the muslim erase zionist israeli from the map .

  4. you guys refused to renew the truce. You guys insisted on shooting rockets at us. we stayed quiet much longer than we should have in the first place. You asked for it.

  5. gaza, you are not the first and you won't be the last. Many nations have tried to wipe us out and failed. We are here to stay. You and your kind will eventually be a distant memory, a mere puff of stardust (to quote Marvin Heir), while the Jewish Nation will be here for eternity.


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